Family Nutrition

Are you having a hard time balancing your day to day responsibilities, feeding your family, and carving out time for self care? The key is to focus on small, practical actions that have big impacts. These will save you time and help preserve your mental energy.

  • Stop second guessing every bite
  • Learn how to fuel your body with energizing foods
  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and confused about the right things to eat
  • Develop tools and strategies you need to streamline the process of meal prep and planning, making it more approachable and less time consuming.  

Let’s build a lifestyle you want to role model for your little ones! 

We will work together to help you feed your family in a manageable way while addressing picky eating, meal planning and raising lifelong healthy eaters. 

 I can also help you navigate any food allergies in your family. I know first hand how challenging and overwhelming food allergies can be. My daughter was diagnosed with several food allergies when she was 13 months old. Just when we were getting into the groove of exposing her to new foods, we had to remove several allergens all at once. I remember thinking: What is she even going to eat? How will this impact how our family eats? How will she get the nutrients her growing body needs? How will I help promote a healthy relationship with food and make sure she does not feel restricted? All while being terrified of her possibly having an allergic reaction. I want to be there to support you through these difficult and sometimes frustrating times. I will help develop strategies and an individualized plan to ensure a balanced way of eating while doing what we can to avoid allergic reactions. 

“As a mom herself, Mae truly get’s it and I knew I was in good hands with her from the very beginning. She was able to quickly understand where I was at and what my goals were. She has drastically simplified how I approach food and meal planning. I am saving time and money and the best part is her recommendations are easily tailored to all members of my family. Not only am I improving my health, but I am learning how to help my kids who tend to be pretty picky. I no longer dread figuring out what we are going to eat for dinner and have actually started finding joy in the process- something I didn’t think was possible a few months ago!” -AR 

What to Expect

Individualized nutrition counseling can help you reach your health and wellness goals. I will get to know you as a whole person to understand where you are in your health and wellness journey. With a holistic approach, I aim to empower you to make sustainable changes. Together we will find practical solutions and ensure you have the tools and support you need to be successful. With education and collaboration, you will feel confident when it comes to nourishing your body and feeling your best. My goal is to help you form a healthy relationship with food without dieting, restriction, stress or confusion. I always come from a place of empathy and understanding when helping my clients learn how to apply the science of nutrition to their own bodies and health. I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way. 

During the initial 60 minute session, we will take a deep dive into your medical history, current lifestyle, eating habits and relationship with food.  We will work together to explore your goals and establish a plan moving forward to help you achieve those goals. 

 At each 30 minute follow up session we will discuss your progress and will work through any challenges you are facing.  We will work together to develop strategies and tools to set you up for success. 

1 month Package 


  • One 60 minute initial assessment
  • One 30 minute follow up
  • Support between visits through telehealth app
  • Personalized plan to help you meet your goals

3 month Package


  • Two sessions per month for 3 months (one 60 minute initial assessment and five 30 minute follow up sessions)
  • Support between visits through telehealth app
  • Personalized plan to help you meet your goals

Mae Reilly Nutrition currently accepts payment via credit card. I do not accept health insurance at this time, but can provide a medical super bill or receipt of services that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement inquires.

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