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I am so happy you are here. I’m Mae, a Registered Dietitian based in the Boston area. As a working mom of three littles, I know just how busy life can get and how difficult it can be to prioritize your own wellness and self care. I am here to empower you to make sustainable changes to help achieve your health and wellness goals. Together we will find practical solutions and ensure you have the tools and support you need to be successful.

My Philosophy

Our relationship with food goes far beyond the nutrients it provides to our body. It’s how we connect, celebrate, and take care of our loved ones. It’s how we honor our culture and relive childhood memories, often filled with family recipes and traditions. I believe we can find a way to make all foods fit whether it’s pasta at a Sunday family dinner, a fresh salad from your garden, or your favorite dessert. I also believe that nutrition plays a key role in our health and can help prevent or manage many health conditions. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. I will get to know you as a whole person, understanding your relationship with food and where you are in  your health and wellness journey. We will find an eating pattern that works for YOU as an individual based on your unique lifestyle.

Mae Reilly Nutrition is a virtual private practice. All nutrition coaching takes place on a HIPAA- compliant video platform so we can meet while you’re in the comfort of your own home or wherever is convenient for you! 

Areas of Specialty

Overall Health and Wellness

Non-diet approach with focus on sustainable changes

Women's Health

Including prenatal and postpartum nutrition

Family Nutrition

Including meal planning strategies and navigating food allergies

Cancer Care

Including cancer prevention and support for those in cancer treatment and recovery

“Mae is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. I have been working with her for several months now and I am so grateful for her giving me the tools I need to make long term healthy changes. She really takes the time to individualize her services to ensure you get the most out of your sessions with her. I would strongly recommend Mae to anyone looking for nutrition counseling- she’s the best!”                                                                                                                                                              -LK

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